Edited Books and Translations (see PDF below for full list)

The Origin of the World: Interior Conversation Piece by Lucia Calamaro. Translated by Jane House. In New Plays from Italy. Vol. 1. NY: The Segal Center, 2018. 

The Neighbors by Fausto Paravidino. Translated by Jane House. In New Plays from Italy. Vol. 2. NY: The Segal Center, 2018. 

House, Jane, and Jack D. Street, eds. The Mellen Collection of Contemporary Italian Drama. Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 2015. 14 Plays in Six Volumes. 

1. The Governess by Vitaliano Brancati: A Post-Pirandello Sicilian Dramatist. Translation by Jane House.

2. Grief Enchained, The Top Hat, Two Plays by Eduardo De Filippo. One Can Die of Love by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi: The Neapolitan Tradition and Beyond. A Translation from Italian into English

3. Home Alone, The Windows, The Prompters: Three Plays by Dino Buzzati; Wild Boars at the Forest’s Edge by Giuliano Scabia: From Magical Realism to the Fantastical

4. Opera Guffaw by Dario Fo; The Heroine by Franca Rame: The Brechtian Connection: Fo and Rame. 

5. I Married you for Happiness by Natalia Ginzburg; Two Women from the Provinces by Dacia Maraini: Two Women Playwrights

6. Ferdinando by Annibale Ruccello; Beautiful Maria by Roberto Cavosi: Voices from the Postwar Generation. 

House, Jane, and Attisani, Antonio, eds. 20th-Century Italian Drama: The First Fifty Years. An Anthology. NY: Columbia University Press, 1995. 622 pp. Contains translations of sixteen theatrical works and introductions to the playwrights by J. House and A. Attisani. 

Jane House, ed. Political Theatre Today. NY: Columbia University, Institute on Western Europe and C.U.N.Y. Center for Advanced Study in Theatre Arts, June 1988.

Gerould, Daniel, Knapp, Bettina, eds. & House, Jane, ass't ed. Sacred Theatre. 1989.